Sunday, August 20, 2006


Local Update from Brian Collin

Brian Collin writes:

As I write this, we're in the middle of enjoying the Olivers Battery 50 celebrations. Maggie and I have composed the Treasure Hunt clues and we've started collecting egg shells for the "Golden Egg" stall at the fair in September. We're looking forward to hearing all about the archaeology project. The organisers have worked very hard and it all looks very impressive, informative and enjoyable. By the time you read it, the celebrations ought to be happy memories and I would like to pass on my thanks in advance to all the people who've put in so much work.

I've just received my regular e-Mail newsletter from our Theatre Royal. I'm so pleased that their programmes go from strengths to strength. Check out their offerings. If you haven't been recently, you'll be surprised how they've kept their standards high. If you've never been, this autumn is a chance to "break your duck" and see what good things there are to enjoy.

Both in Olivers Battery and in Badger Farm, I am getting reports of drivers behaving anti-socially or irresponsibly. Typically this is excess speed, but it can also include deliberately taking corners too fast - horrendous when you think of our estate roads - or accelerating too hard and noisily. Please be considerate - especially when returning after dark. If anyone sees a car driving irresponsibly, let me know as I have an invitation to report such drivers to the police. A quick eMail will do.

Over the summer, in response to requests from residents, we've had extra police patrols in Badger Farm. It's always disappointing when there are episodes of bad behaviour that warrant this. Again, the new 101 number is a good place to report incidents if you are inconvenienced. If you like, drop me a line and tell me the incident number and I can monitor any trends.

I've been pleased by the police response to reports of riders behaving irresponsibly on motorbikes. A national initiative has set out that mini-bikes if caught on the public highway or on pavements will be taken away and crushed. So keep the reports coming in.

Even though we've had some indifferent weather in August, I hope this note will arrive in time for you to rush out to Olivers Battery shops and get some things for the garden or the BBQ in our indian summer this September. While you're there, you will find out how comprehensive they are and how convenient, saving you travel and the planet some CO2.

David and I are still getting to grips with the vegetation grown and are hoping to have another clearance operation this autumn. Do let us know of any "thorn spots".

As always, if there's anything I can to to help, please be in touch.

Brian Collin
27 Compton Way, Olivers Battery, Winchester SO22 4HS
Phone (home) 867572 (mobile) 07753 821770

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Back from hols and back to work!

The Spenders have returned from two weeks in Galicia and northern Portugal; and returned, it seems, to a traditional English summer! Anyway, time to pick up the blog again with a few thoughts on City and Ward issues.............

I was pleased that Winchester's Tourist Information Centre recently received a national award for its excellent service. Tourism and culture are very important parts of our local economy and this importance can only grow in the future. During late August and September I'll be taking part in a review of the City Council's museum strategy, looking at how we can ensure that our local museums meet the future needs of both residents and visitors. If you have any thoughts on this issue I'd love to hear from you.

I was also pleased to see that new bollards have been put in place down in Ivy Close to prevent vehicles getting onto Whiteshute Ridge. This was Badger Farm Parish Council's initiative and I applaud them for it.

Our local bus shelters continue to give some cause for concern. The ones in Ridgeway in particular are in a poor state. Sometime ago the glass in these shelters was replaced with perspex. This was done because the glass was being repeatedly smashed. Now the perspex itself is getting into a bad state. We've asked the contractor who's due to clean the shelters at the end of August to see if it's possible to do a more thorough cleaning job on them.

During the next couple of weeks I'm planning to go "walkabout" with one of our Oliver's Battery Parish Councillors. We're going to take a look at all of the street signs in Oliver's Battery and draw up a list for possible cleaning or replacement. If you know of any that you think are in a poor state, please let me know.

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