Thursday, September 25, 2008


Lib Dem Byelection Victory!

For the last few weeks along with many colleagues I've been working to ensure a Liberal Democrat victory in the Winchester City Council byelection in Colden Common & Twyford. We had an excellent candidate in Daryl Henry but a very strong challenge from the Conservatives. The byelection was today and this was the result:

Liberal Democrat (Daryl Henry) 1180 54.1%

Conservative 935 43%

Labour 64 2.9%

LD Majority 242 votes (up 66 on May 2008)
Swing 1.4% Conservative to Liberal Democrat
Turnout 51%

An excellent victory for Daryl who will be a great councillor for her ward. This is the fourth local election in a row in the Winchester District in which the Liberal Democrat vote has risen and the Tory vote fallen.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Holidays, Conferences and Phone Masts

A long gap since my last blog, for which the only excuse is the summer holidays and party conference. The family trip to Italy was great, taking in Milan and Verona as well as Lakes Como and Garda. Conference was an enjoyable few days in Bournemouth where I heard interesting debates and speeches and attended some useful fringe meetings.

When I got back the big news was that Vodafone have slapped in three planning applications for 3G mobile phone masts. These are in Abbotts Barton, Weeke and Badger Farm. The Badger Farm application is, obviously, a particular concern for me. I feel it would be an unwelcome intrusion in the heart of a residential area, dominating the skyline and extending above the existing trees.

Here's what I wrote in a special Focus leaflet delivered to the surrounding streets:

Some, but not all, residents of St Anne’s Close, Wheatland Close and Broad Chalke Down have received a letter from the City Council about a proposed Vodafone phone mast in The Ridgeway.
The mast would be located opposite the entrance to St Anne’s, near the bus stop. Vodafone’s own picture accompanying the application shows the impact of this 10 metre high mast on our local area.

This isn’t the first attempt to put a phone mast on this particular site. Back in 2000, Winchester City Council turned down a planning application for a 12m high mast in the same location.

The main grounds for objecting to a planning application like this are:
- Impact on the local environment.
- Insufficient consideration of alternative sites.
Whether you are happy with the proposal or you don’t like what is being planned you can write to the Planning Department, Winchester City Council, City Offices, Colebrook Street, Winchester SO23 9LJ. The application number is 08/02132/TCP. Comments must be received by 3 October 2008.
You can see full details of the application online by going to and entering the application number. You can also visit the Planning Department and ask to see a copy.

Let me know if you have questions or need more information.

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