Monday, June 15, 2009


Greening Badger Farm?

For the past year or so there has been a "Greening Campaign" running in Oliver's Battery, see for more information. This is one of a network of such campaigns running in villages and towns across the south of England. This is how the Greening Campaign describes itself:
The Greening Campaign was set up in response to the threat of global warming. It
is an innovative idea to help motivate people to reduce their energy consumption
and therefore lower their personal and community carbon footprint. The campaign
is the brain child of Terena Plowright, who is a resident of Petersfield and who
wanted to make a difference. The campaign was so successful it was taken up by
several other local communities. It is now operating across the South East
region, with enquires coming from across the country.The Greening Campaign is
fun, structured, and makes fighting climate change visible in your community.
So the question is, how about Greening Badger Farm? The Ollie B group are eager to pass on their experiences so far and help get things moving in BF. If you're interested let David or Brian know or, even better, come along to the Greening OB Sustainable Energy Meeting on Wednesday 17th June (7.30 pm at OB Primary School). Members of the OB Greening Campaign will be on hand after the meeting to chat with any interested people from Badger Farm. Hope to see you there!

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