Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Latest Local Update from Mark Oaten MP

With all the excitement of selecting a new PPC and the launch of the Trip to the Shops Campaign, it's important not to overlook the continuing hard work of our local MP Mark Oaten. Mark regularly updates his website with both Westminster and Winchester news and his latest newsletter can be found here.
Mark's site also contains some excellent ideas on the new Silver Hill development:
Following recent meetings with the Winchester Friends of the Earth group, local MP, Mark Oaten, is backing two ideas to help make future building development in Winchester greener. In a recent letter to Thornfields, the developers of the lower High Street, he asked them to set out ways in which the whole new shopping and housing area could be eco-friendly. They have responded promising that the development will provide 400 cycle parking spaces and charging points for electric cars. The buildings will have the ability to be naturally ventilated and local materials will be used where possible. The MP wants them to go further and consider a form of renewable heating on the site, such as a ground heat pump.

Monday, December 11, 2006


Campaigning in the High Street

Collecting signatures on Saturday for our "Trip to the Shops" campaign about the poor state of some of Winchester's pavements. There's still time to click on the link and sign our petition!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


A Trip to the Shops this Christmas?

Winchester's pavements are a disgrace and the fault lies clearly with the local Highways Authority, Hampshire County Council. In ten years of Conservative control of the county we've seen matters get worse and worse.

In the picture I'm pointing out one of many tarmac patches in Winchester's High Street. Tarmac patches scattered among stone paving slabs. Tarmac patches that sink and trip unwary pedestrians. Tarmac patches that just look ugly on the main street of an historic city that relies so much on tourism.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Dangerous and unsightly pavements are simply not acceptable wherever they occur. Winchester Liberal Democrats have now launched our "Trip to the Shops" campaign to coincide with the Christmas shopping rush. If you support our call for the county to take action on dangerous pavements please sign our petition at You can also use the website to report dangerous pavements anywhere within the Winchester City Council area. Let's try and take the "trip" out of shopping in Winchester!

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Martin Tod for Winchester!

A packed meeting of Winchester Liberal Democrats yesterday chose Martin Tod as their prospective parliamentary candidate. Martin, a well known internet campaigner and former candidate for North West Hampshire, will succeed Mark Oaten MP who is standing down at the next general election.

Martin Tod was selected from a strong shortlist of five potential candidates in a democratic ballot of all local party members.

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