Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Nick Clegg - Congratulations!

Yes, I voted for Nick. I'm delighted he won but not delighted that Chris Huhne lost. That may sound strange, but Keith House from Eastleigh summed it up very well on TV a few minutes ago when he said that the Party is a family. We delight in the success of one member and equally commiserate with another.

I voted for Nick because I believe he has the ambition and character to take the Party forward. His acceptance speech helped confirm that view. It is time to re-discover Liberal Britain and to help liberal Britain re-discover us. With Nick at the helm I think we now have that opportunity.

Friday, December 07, 2007


Tower Arts Centre handed over to King's School

Tory County Council Leader Ken Thornber today decided to hand Winchester's much loved Tower Arts Centre over to the neighbouring school. Read about the decision here.

Grants have been reduced, the excellent Tower management team will be lost and the decision makes clear that what financial support remains is for "cultural provision and programming at the Tower Arts Centre and other venues in Winchester."

"Other venues" sounds to me like code for running down the Tower as a home for live theatre and music. This is a sad day for the arts in Winchester.

Read Martin Tod's speech in support of the Tower made at Thornber's decision day.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Clegg and Huhne at The Tower

Great excitement today as Lib Dem leadership candidates Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne visited Winchester for an "informal" hustings. The candidates (pictured here with Lib Dem Euro candidate Catherine Bearder) addressed a packed meeting at the Conservative County Council-threatened Tower Arts Centre.

This Friday (7 December) is County Council Leader Ken Thornber's "Decision Day" for The Tower. Current plans from the Tory administration at the county are to cut the staff and budget for The Tower, effectively closing it as an integrated arts centre for local people.

Hampshire residents wanting to save this unique centre should e-mail the Leader of Hampshire County Council before Friday and also ask their local county councillor to oppose the cuts in staff and funding.

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