Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Results of the Oliver's Battery Rec Survey

Survey re Oliver’s Battery Recreation Ground
Report to Oliver’s Battery Parish Council, 6th April 2010

Following the last Parish Council meeting and the subsequent special meeting called at the request of six residents, I was asked to conduct a survey of opinion within the Parish on future options for the Recreation Ground.

1,318 survey forms were printed and distributed to every individual on the parish electoral register. This included 23 residents whose 18th birthdays fall after today but before the end of 2010.

506 forms (38.4% of those issued) were completed and returned and the preferences expressed were:

A) I support the Parish Council Plan for a Multi-Use Games Area and Tennis Court separated by a practice wall. 203 40.1%

B) I would prefer the Multi-Use Games Area and Tennis Court to be constructed without a practice wall. 120 23.7%

C) I would prefer a Multi-Use Games Area only. 25 4.9%

D) I would prefer a Tennis Court only. 18 3.6%

E) I would prefer the Recreation Ground to be left as it is and no construction to tale place there. 140 27.7%

Survey forms were counted this morning in the presence of three residents, including two parish councillors.
A number of residents took the trouble to add further comments to the surveys and these will be passed to the parish council for their consideration.
I’d like to thank the many residents, on all sides of this debate, who helped to distribute the survey forms. I’d also like to thank the owners and staff of the Londis store for finding a home for the collection box. Finally I’d like to thank everyone who took part and shared their views on this important subject.

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