Sunday, March 21, 2010


Oliver's Battery Recreation Ground Plans

Oliver’s Battery Parish Council has recently received planning permission for new sports facilities at the Recreation Ground. These comprise a hard-surfaced and partially fenced “multi-use games area” and an attached, fully fenced, tennis court. The multi-use games area would include a basketball hoop and would be partly separated from the tennis court by a practice wall. The wall would be marked on one side for tennis practice and on the other with a football goal and cricket stumps. All of this would be located on the lower, southern side of the Rec. Click on the pictures above for a larger view.

At recent meetings of the Parish Council a number of residents have expressed serious concerns about aspects of this proposal. Specifically they have objections to the inclusion of the practice wall.

At the request of both the Parish Council and the objectors I have put together a short survey to try to ensure that the wishes of local residents are made clear. Survey forms will be delivered to every elector in the Parish. Please make your views known by returning the form via my letterbox or the voting box in the Oliver’s Battery (Londis) store no later than Easter Monday, 5th April.

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