Saturday, August 15, 2009


Summer Update

David Spender writes:-

The summer is a relatively quiet time for city council business with only the Planning Development Control Committee meeting during August. Not that the weather has provided much opportunity to enjoy the time off!
One thing that does continue all through the year is ward work, attempting to deal with issues, problems and questions raised by residents. So I thought I’d use this article to give a brief flavour of the concerns that Brian Collin and I have been dealing with over recent weeks. Some of these are resolved, some continue:-
Sainsbury’s recycling centre – This was moved (without planning permission) to the far end of the car park next to houses in Fallowfield and Harrow Down. After much lobbying, Sainsbury’s have been persuaded to put in a planning application to move the recycling bins further away from neighbouring houses and, hopefully, reduce the noise nuisance to local residents. Fingers crossed that by the time this is published the bins will have found their way to a better location.
Braeside Close, Oliver’s Battery – It has taken a while, but pressure from Charlotte Bailey and your city councillors has finally resulted in the county Highways Department scraping the slippery green moss from the pavement.
Badger Farm Central Kickabout – There have been problems here with hard (golf and cricket) balls going over neighbouring fences and threatening damage and injury to local residents. As a passionate cricketer who also plays golf (badly) I would ask my fellow enthusiasts to stick to using soft balls in the limited space of Badger Farm….please.
Ashbarn Crescent – I’ve asked the city’s Dog Warden to renew the “No fouling” notices here as there seems to be a bit of a problem in the area.
Honeysuckle Close – I’ve asked for the missing street nameplate to be replaced and, together with one of the Oliver’s Battery parish councillors, asked for a number of old or damaged Oliver’s Battery nameplates to be repaired or replaced.
I could go on, but hopefully this gives you some idea of what we get involved in locally. Please get in touch if you have issues you feel we may be able to help with. Brian and I also have a monthly “Advice Centre” at Badger Farm Community Centre on the second Monday from 6.30 to 7.15 pm, so feel free to pay us a visit.

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