Saturday, April 28, 2007


Listening to Winchester

With the local elections only a few days away, I thought I'd take the opportunity to mention the nine key pledges Liberal Democrats are making to the people of Winchester this year:


We will recycle more - taking kitchen waste out of your bins

We will improve the energy efficiency of offices and homes

We will protect our town and village green edges


We will modernise and expand the Council's CCTV system

We will campaign for lower speed limits where residents want them

We will increase the number of wardens and reach out into the towns and villages


We will keep Council Tax increases below the rate of inflation

We will work to provide a range of housing for all ages and needs

We will make more affordable houses available for rent

We have also set up a website which enables people to put these pledges into order of importance and to add their own ideas. If you'd like to read more about these pledges go here.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Falcon View Success!

Back in January I reported on a case of "extreme gardening" in Falcon View, Badger Farm. Readers with long memories will recall that Hampshire County Council contractors turned up unannounced and removed a planted bed in this quiet residential close. With the help of County Councillor Charlotte Bailey, we were just able to prevent them from laying tarmac over the site.

Anyway, restitution has now been made and a new replacement bed (see the picture) has been planted. A victory for local residents over bureacracy!

Monday, April 16, 2007


Read in - read out?

No blog entries for a while - sorry! I've been up to my ears with "real" work and the local election campaign.

Today at 12.30 local librarians are staging a read in, which they're calling a "Read Out" in central Winchester by the Buttercross. As one third of professional librarian jobs in Hampshire are being scrapped by the Tory county council it's a great opportunity to show support for these undervalued workers. Take a book along and try for a world record mass reading session.

This is the e-mail sent to Library staff by Yinnon Ezra, the county's Director of Recreation & Heritage, I think it speaks for itself:

"You will have recently received an email from John Sadden entitled 'A WorldRecord Attempt at Lunchtime in Winchester High Street', to 'supportHampshire's library workers'. This event is not sanctioned by the County Council's Library Service and will be taking place on a proposed day of industrial action by library staff. This has been organised in advance of further discussions between Unison and senior library management today (Thursday) to try to prevent further strike action and disruption to service users. Any staff intending to take part in the proposed event must do so in their own time."

Support Hampshire's Librarians against Tory cuts!

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