Sunday, July 27, 2008


Core Strategy Delayed

Changes in the rules mean that key decisions on Winchester’s future will be taken later than expected, a council committee was told on 15th July.

The Local Development Framework Core Strategy sets out the objectives for Winchester over the next 20 years and is intended to show how the government’s requirements for 12,240 new homes in the District will be met.

Councillors have been told that the majority of people who attended the Core Strategy workshops came down in favour of the so called "step change" option. This would see huge new developments, bigger than the whole of Badger Farm, being built on the edge of Winchester. Areas threatened with this scale of development include Pitt, next to Oliver’s Battery, and Bushfield Camp and Farm, straddling Badger Farm Road and adjoining both Badger Farm and Oliver’s Battery.

Although some appropriate housing development on Bushfield Camp could be acceptable, it would be wholly inappropriate to build on Bushfield Farm, west of Badger Farm Road, and sacrifice the strategic gap between Oliver's Battery and Compton. It would be equally wrong to build in the Pitt area, losing the amenity of the golf course and the local countryside and putting even more pressure on the very busy Romsey Road.

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