Friday, July 30, 2010


Concessionary Fares - Is there a future?

As the County Council prepares to take on the running of the National Concessionary Travel Scheme from the eleven district and borough councils in Hampshire, it is asking residents how they use their entitlement to a free bus pass.

The transfer of concessionary fares from district authorities to county authorities was announced at the very end of the last Government. The transfer will take effect from 31 March 2011.

There are 193,000 people in Hampshire with concessionary bus passes. The basic scheme allows free local bus travel for people over 60 and disabled people between 9:30am and 11pm during the week and any time at the weekend, but there are variations across Hampshire. Hampshire County Council would like to hear residents’ views on what the statutory scheme provides, and what variations are most important to them.

Funding is not likely to continue at the same level as in the past, and although the new Government has yet to confirm exactly how much county councils will be given to finance the scheme, there is an expectation that a minimum 12% reduction on previous levels of funding will be made.

Hampshire County Council is consulting with residents through residents’ forums, and is also consulting district and borough councils. Additionally, people can download a consultation form online at: http// or by calling 01962 845 077, to make sure their views are known before 31 August 2010.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Free swimming for kids this summer

Liberal Democrat run Winchester City Council has cheered up local parents with the announcement that under 16s will be able to swim for free at River Park Leisure Centre this August.

As part of the government's spending cuts the scheme allowing over 60s and under 16s to swim for free has been axed. However Lib Dem Winchester has worked with DC Leisure and the Toynbee School Sports partnership to extend the scheme for under 16s until the end of August.

Along with my fellow Oliver's Battery & Badger Farm city councillor, Lynda Banister, I welcome this news. Lynda has commented, "Many parents can't afford to pay for activities through the summer. I'm delighted the Liberal Democrats have been able to help in this way."

Sunday, May 09, 2010


Lib Dems back in control of Winchester

Thursday's local elections saw Winchester Liberal Democrats gain 5 seats on the City Council, putting the party back in control after 4 years. Here in Oliver's Battery and Badger Farm Brian Collin did not seek re-election but his Lib Dem replacement, Lynda Banister, scored a stunning victory:

BANISTER Lynda Liberal Democrat 1615
Conservative 943
Labour 126
Turn out - 82.43% Liberal Democrat Hold

I look forward to working with Lynda on the City Council on behalf of the residents of Oliver's Battery and Badger Farm.

I am, however, deeply saddened by the loss of our parliamentary seat to the Tories. Martin Tod was a fantastic candidate and local campaigner who worked so hard for the people of this constituency. He would have been a worthy successor to Mark Oaten and a real asset in parliament. We won't take this defeat lying down. Winchester will be Liberal Democrat again, in parliament as well as in the Guildhall.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Results of the Oliver's Battery Rec Survey

Survey re Oliver’s Battery Recreation Ground
Report to Oliver’s Battery Parish Council, 6th April 2010

Following the last Parish Council meeting and the subsequent special meeting called at the request of six residents, I was asked to conduct a survey of opinion within the Parish on future options for the Recreation Ground.

1,318 survey forms were printed and distributed to every individual on the parish electoral register. This included 23 residents whose 18th birthdays fall after today but before the end of 2010.

506 forms (38.4% of those issued) were completed and returned and the preferences expressed were:

A) I support the Parish Council Plan for a Multi-Use Games Area and Tennis Court separated by a practice wall. 203 40.1%

B) I would prefer the Multi-Use Games Area and Tennis Court to be constructed without a practice wall. 120 23.7%

C) I would prefer a Multi-Use Games Area only. 25 4.9%

D) I would prefer a Tennis Court only. 18 3.6%

E) I would prefer the Recreation Ground to be left as it is and no construction to tale place there. 140 27.7%

Survey forms were counted this morning in the presence of three residents, including two parish councillors.
A number of residents took the trouble to add further comments to the surveys and these will be passed to the parish council for their consideration.
I’d like to thank the many residents, on all sides of this debate, who helped to distribute the survey forms. I’d also like to thank the owners and staff of the Londis store for finding a home for the collection box. Finally I’d like to thank everyone who took part and shared their views on this important subject.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Oliver's Battery Recreation Ground Plans

Oliver’s Battery Parish Council has recently received planning permission for new sports facilities at the Recreation Ground. These comprise a hard-surfaced and partially fenced “multi-use games area” and an attached, fully fenced, tennis court. The multi-use games area would include a basketball hoop and would be partly separated from the tennis court by a practice wall. The wall would be marked on one side for tennis practice and on the other with a football goal and cricket stumps. All of this would be located on the lower, southern side of the Rec. Click on the pictures above for a larger view.

At recent meetings of the Parish Council a number of residents have expressed serious concerns about aspects of this proposal. Specifically they have objections to the inclusion of the practice wall.

At the request of both the Parish Council and the objectors I have put together a short survey to try to ensure that the wishes of local residents are made clear. Survey forms will be delivered to every elector in the Parish. Please make your views known by returning the form via my letterbox or the voting box in the Oliver’s Battery (Londis) store no later than Easter Monday, 5th April.

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