Sunday, May 09, 2010


Lib Dems back in control of Winchester

Thursday's local elections saw Winchester Liberal Democrats gain 5 seats on the City Council, putting the party back in control after 4 years. Here in Oliver's Battery and Badger Farm Brian Collin did not seek re-election but his Lib Dem replacement, Lynda Banister, scored a stunning victory:

BANISTER Lynda Liberal Democrat 1615
Conservative 943
Labour 126
Turn out - 82.43% Liberal Democrat Hold

I look forward to working with Lynda on the City Council on behalf of the residents of Oliver's Battery and Badger Farm.

I am, however, deeply saddened by the loss of our parliamentary seat to the Tories. Martin Tod was a fantastic candidate and local campaigner who worked so hard for the people of this constituency. He would have been a worthy successor to Mark Oaten and a real asset in parliament. We won't take this defeat lying down. Winchester will be Liberal Democrat again, in parliament as well as in the Guildhall.
Congratulations on your personal election - where do they get these names from though? Oliver's Battery & Badger Farm ward????
Shame about the MP but looks like the Liberals are going to end up calling all the shots despite being the smallest of the main parties still.
Congratulations on your personal election and on the Council result - where do they dream these ward names up from though? What a mouthful...
Shame about the parliamentary seat but it does look like the Liberals will be calling all the shots despite still being the smallest of the main parties. PR has always been one of the arguments you've put forward I do agree with but I do find this amusing.
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