Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Latest Local Update from Mark Oaten MP

With all the excitement of selecting a new PPC and the launch of the Trip to the Shops Campaign, it's important not to overlook the continuing hard work of our local MP Mark Oaten. Mark regularly updates his website with both Westminster and Winchester news and his latest newsletter can be found here.
Mark's site also contains some excellent ideas on the new Silver Hill development:
Following recent meetings with the Winchester Friends of the Earth group, local MP, Mark Oaten, is backing two ideas to help make future building development in Winchester greener. In a recent letter to Thornfields, the developers of the lower High Street, he asked them to set out ways in which the whole new shopping and housing area could be eco-friendly. They have responded promising that the development will provide 400 cycle parking spaces and charging points for electric cars. The buildings will have the ability to be naturally ventilated and local materials will be used where possible. The MP wants them to go further and consider a form of renewable heating on the site, such as a ground heat pump.

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