Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Can Superstores be good neighbours?

We have a major, out-of-town superstore in Badger Farm. Most of the time this is a real benefit for local residents (including me, I'm about to go there and buy some sandwiches!)

However, the superstore in question owns several pieces of land around the store and these seem to be getting untidier and untidier. If it was council land I'd certainly have had the litter team out dealing with it before now. When I asked Badger Farm Parish Councillors to let me have their lists of litter blackspots in the parish, they all identified the superstore-owned land as the biggest problem. Of course, most people think the land in question belongs to the Council and blame us for the state it's in!

Some residents in Oliver's Battery have also told me that they've been disturbed at night by deliveries to the superstore. I hope this can be dealt with by sensible working practices by the lorry operators. Planning permission for weekend night deliveries was only granted on a trial basis. In about 3 months time we'll be able to review this and make changes if required.

Anyway, Brian Collin and I have a meeting with the superstore manager this afternoon. It will be interesting to hear his views on these issues.
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