Sunday, March 12, 2006


Shrubs and litter!

Shrubs and litter. Litter and shrubs. The last few weeks have had a certain theme to them.

Lots of issues have crossed my desk relating to the Badger Farm shrub beds. Working closely with officers from the City and County Councils, we’ve managed to get Serco working on pruning and tidying. Some of the work they’ve done looks pretty drastic to me, but I’ve been assured that the shrubs will grow again. In some beds, like the one at the bottom of Plough Way, I’ve also been promised re-stocking with more suitable plants. The whole objective has been to get the overgrown beds tidy and onto a regular maintenance programme. Properly maintained, these areas can contribute a lot to the environment of Badger Farm.

Several residents of Oliver’s Battery and Badger Farm have commented on the amount of litter on Badger Farm Road. I’m pleased to report that the Serco litter pickers responded quickly to my complaints and had a go at the road in early February. I am however concerned that, with extra traffic being diverted along BF Road because of the city centre gas works, the situation could soon worsen again.

Finally, a reminder that Brian Collin and I run a monthly Councillors Advice Centre. It’s at Badger Farm Community Centre from 6.30-7.15 p.m. on the second Monday of every month. If you have issues to raise or questions to ask, just pop in and see us.
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