Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Local Elections

Not long to go now until local election day on 4th May. It's been fun getting out onto the doorsteps again and meeting people, but it doesn't seem five minutes since the by-election last September!

Brian Collin is up again this year, I'm really glad not to have to stand myself until 2008. We're working hard and people have been friendly when we talk to them. It's hard to detect much change in voting intentions since last year.

We've got some of our garden posterboards up now and we've already had one stolen! This one was taken by two men in a dark coloured estate car from the garden of a house in Badger Farm and dumped next to Sainsburys. Bizarrely, this was done in broad daylight with people watching. We therefore have his registration number and we'll be keeping a careful eye open for this particular vehicle. Aren't some people strange?
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