Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Oliver's Battery Parish Council Update

I attended the Parish Council meeting last night, as I always try to do. For me, the most interesting things discussed were the plans for the Oliver's Battery 50th Anniversary events later this year and the meeting taking place later today about Park & Ride.

The 50th Anniversary marks the creation of Oliver's Battery as a civil parish in 1956. It's a great opportunity for community events and the incredibly active team have got quite a programme together. The highlight should be the fete on 9th September, to be held on the Battery and to be opened by the Mayor. Other events include beating the bounds on 29th July, a flower festival in St Mark's Church (also 50 years old this year) from 1st to 3rd September, the opening of the Conservation Area on 3rd September and, of course, the Barn Dance at the school on the evening of 9th September. Should be fun!

Brian Collin and I, together with representatives from both parishes will be meeting with the Deputy Director of the County Council's Environment Department this lunchtime. We are to be briefed on the county's current plans to build a southern Park & Ride site for Winchester. This clearly will affect both parishes, but hopefully in a positive way. Anything which will relieve congestion on Badger Farm Road is to be welcomed. I'll be interested to learn whether this also means that we can expect improvements to the Oliver's Battery Road South/Badger Farm Road junction; or is that too much to hope for?
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