Friday, May 05, 2006


The morning after.....

Olivers Battery & Badger Farm
Liberal Democrats (Brian Collin) 837
Conservative 829
Labour 53

Electorate 3194

Percentage Turnout 54%

....which after 3 recounts came as quite a relief. The full results are at

Not a good night from a Liberal Democrat perspective. The Tories now control Winchester for the first time since 1987 and we find ourselves in opposition. Well, that's politics! A big thank you to the people of Olivers Battery and Badger Farm for helping see off the toughest Tory challenge we've ever faced.

Strange story of the night, as yet unresolved. Apparently the hot sealing wax used to seal the ballot box in Bishops Waltham got into the box and set the ballot papers on fire. Water was then poured in to extinguish the flames! The count for Bishops Waltham (an Independent held seat) has been postponed until 10.30 this morning. I wonder how the counters will cope with charred and soggy ballots?
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