Thursday, June 15, 2006


Park & Ride for South Winchester

Locally, the most significant event in the last couple of weeks has been the public consultation process for the Southern Park & Ride. Charlotte Bailey (our LibDem County Cllr), Brian Collin and I organised delivery to as much of the Ward as possible of a leaflet giving details of the consultation process. I’m pleased to say that the exhibition at Badger Farm Community Centre was very well attended and seemed full of people on both Friday and Saturday. Since then, I've heard reports that there were good turnouts at the other venues as well.

The serious options seem to come down to Sites 2 and 3 (see map). The County officers seem to prefer Site 2 by the Bushfield roundabout, but I think my preference is marginally for Site 3, the old motorway construction site.

There's still an opportunity to see the plans and to comment on them at
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