Saturday, July 15, 2006


Badger Farm & Olivers Battery News

A few bits of local news:

Phone Boxes
Following reports from a resident, I investigated the state of the PayPhone in Meadow Way. It was not operational, due to vandalism, and I have reported this to BT and requested action. I also reported that the other local PayPhone (outside Olivers Battery shops) was not accepting cash. BT have got back to me and confirmed that the OllieB phone box has now been fixed, I am still waiting to hear about Meadow Way.

Harvest Close
The huge shrubs completely overgrowing the pavement have now been cut back. Further work has been requested to trim the tree in the courtyard area of the road, this tree is currently a significant problem for residents.

Some work has been done, following my request, on the overgrown clumps of trees and bushes backing onto Broad Chalke Down. This is, of course, HCC Highways land. As of late last week more work was required and the particular problem with a tree pushing against a resident’s fence had not been attended to.

St Anne’s Close
Following a request from the Chairman of Badger Farm Parish Council, I took up the issue of uneven hedge cutting to the rear of some of the properties. The following report comes from the relevant Winchester City Council officer:
“The stretch of the hedge adjacent Nos 69 & 66 has been cut to height of approximately 2.5 metres. The remainder of hedge has yet to be cut.
I visited No 69 and noted that the resident has maintained a conifer hedge to the inside of the council’s Laurel hedge. This suggested that the resident at No 69 has chosen to maintain the Laurel hedge at the same time as the conifer hedge. I will write to the resident to confirm this.
I will contact SERCo in order to establish when they propose to carry out the summer maintenance to the remainder of the hedge.”

Ashbarn Crescent
Again at the request of the Badger Farm Parish Council Chairman, I asked for a fallen shrub to be removed. I understand that this has now been done.

Rooks Down Road
I have reported the faded SLOW markings near the Rances Way corner to HCC Highways. Charlotte Bailey has also taken up this issue. Clearly this is a potentially dangerous corner and also a point at which many pedestrians cross the road.
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