Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Mark Oaten to stand down at next General Election

It's difficult to find the right words in this situation. Mark has been a friend and a central part of Liberal Democrat campaigning in this constituency for many years. He's been called "the best MP Winchester's ever had" with some justification. I'm pleased that Mark will continue to serve the people of Winchester for the remainder of this Parliament and I feel, in the circumstances, he has made the right decision. I'd like to wish him and Belinda and the girls all the very best for the future and say "Thank you" for all the hard work and effort.
The current Winchester seat will be the basis for two new constituencies: Winchester (which includes Olivers Battery and Badger Farm) and Meon Valley. Both new prospective parliamentary candidates, when they're selected, will find Mark Oaten MP a tough act to follow.
"He's been called 'the best MP Winchester's ever had'"

By who exactly? You Lib Dems? That would be a suprise.
Mark has been called the best MP Winchester has ever had by Lib Dem, Labour and Conservative. Why?
Because he is!
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