Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Park & Ride Latest!

Hampshire County Council has just announced that the new southern Park & Ride will be built on the "Tarmac" site alongside the M3. This is a complete change from their previous recommendation that it should be built off of the Bushfield roundabout. Strong views expressed by local residents during the consultation process seem to have tipped the balance. I welcome this decision and now look forward to seeing what associated improvements will be made along the Badger Farm Road.

From the HCC Press Release:
"The next step will be to take our proposals forward through a planning application. This will be submitted in spring 2007, and will be subject to statutory consultation. Because the development is proposed on land owned by Hampshire County Council, the County Council is able to act as local planning authority to determine this application. If planning and funding approvals are obtained, construction will take place during 2008, and the new park and ride facility could be open in spring 2009, delivering a further 850 much-needed spaces."
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