Friday, November 03, 2006


Winchester Council Meeting and Badger Farm Bus Stops

Oh the sheer variety of a City Councillor's life!

Wednesday evening saw a short, only 2 hours, but interesting full Council meeting. I spoke a couple of times. First to ask a question about the move of the City's Museum Service from the Hyde Historic Resources Centre, I'm really concerned about how this will work, it's a subject I'll return to in a future blog entry. Second, to speak in the discussion on a petition calling for speed reduction in Battery Hill. Hampshire County Council seem very reluctant to take the sort of action necessary to protect residential roads from speeding vehicles. Trying to get 20 mph limits for some of the more dangerous ones is a major challenge; and I spoke to underline the point that the county refuses repeat 30 mph signs in existing 30 mph areas. Roads like Ridgeway in Badger Farm look just like the 40 mph road the driver has just left, but no repeat signs are allowed. What nonsense!

Speaking of Ridgeway brings me neatly on to the subject of bus shelters. The shelters in Ridgeway and Meadow Way are the responsibility of the City Council. In early October, following complaints from residents, I toured the shelters along with the City's senior Traffic Engineer and County Cllr Charlotte Bailey. They had all been vandalised to a lesser of greater extent. The good news is that they were re-painted yesterday! Let's hope the new paint job survives.
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