Monday, June 11, 2007



Just before Easter I was walking along Oliver’s Battery Road South when I was surrounded by a group of teenage lads. “Why haven’t we got anywhere to play football?” they said. “You’re on the council or something, aren’t you?”

We talked for a few minutes and next day I received a well argued e-mail from one of the boys making the case for extra football goals on the Recreation Ground. I presented the case on their behalf at the next evening’s Oliver’s Battery Parish Council meeting and was impressed with the enthusiasm and support for the idea from the Parish Councillors. They agreed on the spot to pay for the goals and had them installed within ten days (see picture). All credit to Frazer from Oliver’s Battery and Jack from Badger Farm and their friends for making the suggestion and to the Parish Council for their swift action in response.

I love to see positive stories like this from other local authorities - and two weeks is certainly an impressive turnaround!

Keep up the good work!
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