Friday, June 22, 2007


Tower Arts Centre Update

Just back from the "Save the Tower Arts Centre" demo. A good turnout with 50+ people despite the threatening weather. Mark and Belinda Oaten were both there as promised, along with several Winchester City Councillors and two Lib Dem County Councillors.

Lynda & Miles Banister from Oliver's Battery, who organised tonight's demo, have also set up an online petition at Please sign it. Signatories so far include Benjamin Zephaniah, Tom Paxton, Gordon Giltrap and Dave Swarbrick, all of whom have performed at the Tower.

A few pics (the second one says it all):

There is now a blog is support of the Tower campaign:

The Tower Arts has a history
of supporting, encouraging
Winchester's talent in the community.
It's hosted children's workshops and festivities
Animation, theatre, dance and puppetry.
A place for performance or rehearsal
from the high brow to the low key.
Displaying exhibitions from landscape to graffiti.
Relaxed, informal and friendly
programmed with diversity.
A water festival with African song,
An Islamic celebration,
A car park full of sand,
A mosh pit for young rock fans.
Opportunities for networking for our local bands.
I know I can approach the Tower,
It has a history
Of supporting our community,
our families and me.
Its about to be shut down
to make way for another
But can a New idea replace
38 years of creative endeavor?
A political debate has begun,
but its not too late
to return the favor.
Its time to support the Tower
Come together with your say
Speak up for grass roots creativity
that needs a place to PLAY
And needs a place to STAY.

Kezia Hoffman July, 2007
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