Saturday, July 07, 2007


Campaigning in Ealing Southall

Took a carload from Winchester up to the Southall by-election yesterday. As usual at by-elections we were all impressed by the organisation and high level of activity.

We delivered leaflets at the Ealing end of the constituency and were stopped by passersby telling us they were planning to vote Lib Dem and, in one case, by an Irish builder who "wasn't ever going to vote ******* Labour again and the Tory council are ******* useless!"

Back at by-election HQ we drank tea and stuffed envelopes. The mighty Chris Rennard was in evidence and it was good to meet our candidate Nigel Bakhai (see pic). We have a good candidate and a real chance here, I'll be back in Southall as soon as I can be.

Many thanks for coming to help. Hopefully the good time you had will encourage you to come again soon!
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