Saturday, March 29, 2008


The Case for Weekly Food Waste Collection

Winchester's Tory-run City Council has decided that weekly collection of food waste is too expensive. That's what they tell us whenever a Lib Dem has the temerity to raise the subject in Council and that's what they've been saying in their leaflets too. Strangely, we don't agree. Next door Lib Dem-run Eastleigh are in the process of rolling out weekly food waste collection following a successful trial, and we think that if Eastleigh can do it successfully and affordably so can Winchester!

My eye was naturally drawn to the title of this very recent Defra Press Release "Weekly food waste collections can benefit the environment and save money". Rather a different message to that we're hearing from Winchester Council.

The Press Release includes the following quote from Environment Minister Joan Ruddock "Food wastage is an increasingly important issue, on environmental, sustainability, climate change and equity grounds. There is also the real loss to the economy of so much potential value. This research shows that much more can be done cost effectively to prevent food wastage and to recover value from what is thrown away. Food waste recycling was targeted by our Waste Strategy, and current studies show how local authorities can make real advances. European and UK legislation to divert municipal biodegradable waste from landfill rightly imposes tough targets. Food waste recycling has an important role to play in helping Britain meet its international obligations."

When Liberal Democrats re-take control of Winchester City Council, weekly collection and recycling of food waste will be one of our top priorities.
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