Saturday, March 22, 2008


The Winchester Passion - report

The Passion happened last night (Good Friday) and brought thousands of people onto the streets of Winchester to see this dramatic re-telling of the Easter story. Apart from a sudden downpour during the early stages at Oram's Arbour, the weather was cold but dry. We visited all three main locations but spent most of the time in front of the cathedral where we were able to watch the action elsewhere on the "big screen". We also had a perfect view of the crucifixion and resurrection scenes which took place on the balcony over the cathedral's west doors.
The performance by professional actor Israel Oyelumade (see picture) as Jesus was outstanding and he was well backed by a local, amateur cast. This really was a once in a lifetime event which I found engrossing and deeply moving. The rest of my photos of the evening can be found by clicking here, please take a look.


Thank you very much for the photos of the resurrection scene of the Passion. They are the only pictures of the brave 6 members of the Winchester Community Choir who agreed to scale the heights. And yes I am one of them.

Wenda Moroney
WCC Chairperson
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