Friday, May 02, 2008


Election Result - Thank You!

Just a late night/early morning note on yesterday's election result. Here in Oliver's Battery & Badger Farm the votes were:
Liberal Democrat (David Spender) 1251
Conservative 497
Green 59
Labour 34

This result has left me completely stunned. Last time we had an election here, in 2006, the result was a Lib Dem victory by just 8 votes. I feel immensely grateful to my friends and neighbours who have backed me this time and I'll try hard to justify that support. Thank you!

Overall Liberal Democrats made a net gain of one seat in Winchester, Conservatives stayed the same and Independents lost one. Liberal Democrats also polled the greatest number of votes across the District. So the Tories retain overall control of Winchester by the narrow margin of one seat. Full results are on the Winchester City Council website.
Well done. I'm well aware how much work must have gone into that result overthe years.
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