Thursday, October 09, 2008


"Speed dating" at the Theatre Royal!

Not quite as racy as it sounds, but today a group of City Councillors met staff from Winchester's Theatre Royal for a "speed dating" session.

The Theatre holds annual meetings with city councillors to update us on how it spends it grant money and the services it provide to the local community. This year's format meant that we met a whole range of theatre staff, from board members to front of house and got to spend a few minutes with each of them. I found it useful and interesting. It's rare to get a cross section view of an organisation and the sense of a happy and motivated team came across very strongly.

I believe, as I've said on this blog before, that the Theatre Royal plays a vital role in the cultural life of this city and that cultural life is one of the things that makes Winchester what it is. I fully back the efforts of the team at TRW to increase their audiences, take the arts into the villages of the district and improve communications through what is going to be a state of the art new website. Break a leg guys!
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