Monday, December 01, 2008


Tower Street Car Park flooding update - Brian writes

Winchester City Council has at last put in place some serious investigations into why this car park keeps on flooding.

At the last Council meeting a fellow councillor Lucille Thompson put in a question asking whether the council could stop the ingress of water. The portfolio holder replied that the drains had been cleared and the water was coming in through the roof and via the sides as the fins had been taken down. I remarked that this didn't "hold water" as I had seen the water bubbling out of the drains which seemed to be permanently blocked by the silt from the construction site above.

We didn't get anywhere and the responsible cabinet member wouldn't listen to our evidence.

So I went out and took at video the next time it rained. You can see it here. It clearly shows the drains overflowing and was described by officers as "pretty conclusive" evidence.

It now seems that another conservative has decided to take action even though the cabinet member won't and there's a scrutiny looking at the car park on Tuesday.

I hope to be there to put the case for proper maintenance so that we don't have to splodge through deep puddles in our wellies to get out of our cars.


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